Divorcing Batman, Dating All of Gotham City

A warm, funny, heartfelt one-woman show - a great night out for divorce groups but loved by married, single, men and women.

Divorcing Batman, Dating All of Gotham City is everything you want a theatrical piece to be – relatable, funny, heartfelt, emotional and more.  It hits home for all audiences and is known as a great night out for divorce groups and a great play for singles groups too. We could go on but we’d rather let fans of the show tell you what they think.

“Male or female, if you’ve had your romantic dreams crushed and had to rebuild, the smile-inducing story provides entertainment and hope. Barber created, and performs in this show, a woman forging new ground. Her portrayal of recent divorce is spot-on, nailing the nuances of life-changing realizations, romantic optimism mixed with frustration, and the uncertainty of introspection.”

“Even someone who hasn’t gone through a divorce has watched, helped, or supported a family member or friend who has, and this portrayal shared a realistic, funny, heartwarming, sad, touching and triumphant story.”

“Witty, funny, very clever and current with the times. A must see for every single or divorced girl who is dating in today’s world.”

Melissa Barber- in her one woman show - Divorcing Batman, Dating All of Gotham City (a great night out for divorce groups and loved by married and single alike)“As a man, I love the references to superheroes. Both in title and in the content, Divorcing Batman… makes good on a promise to expose the Jokers around us and within.”

“It is universal material; everyone has had heartbreak in one form or another. This play is therapeutic; it will bring a sense of community to people who have suffered the same type of life experience.” 

“It’s introspective and funny and leaves you believing in second chances.”

“Having been in the dating scene forever, I could relate to all of your character’s attempts to meet men after divorce. “ 

“To be able to deal with that subject matter (relationships) with the humor and truth that you conveyed is a testimony to your talent, both in writing it and performing it.”

Melissa Barber in her one woman show - for singles groups, married, male or female.“Millions of people who have survived breakups can relate and will somehow feel connected to your character. “

“The verbiage was real life and conversational, with a great balance of seriousness and humor. She was an extremely likable character that was engaging, insightful, and VERY funny!!” 

“I feel the show appeals to a number of audiences and from my observation of the full house audience, the male members were laughing as loud as the women!” 

“Melissa Barber’s acting was what made all of the material work; she was warm, insightful and funny. She was very natural in her tone and delivery; it did not seem scripted at all, and in fact it really came across as if she were having a conversation with friends.”

Our protagonist was married to a grown man who enjoyed dressing up like Batman…for Halloween. No hot nights in the Batcave, just passing out candy and going to costume parties in suburban Gotham. Their marriage fizzled for some serious reasons, most importantly because Batman revealed he didn’t love her. And our heroine is all about love and passion. Even after a heartbreaking divorce, she still believed in marriage, so she started dating… all of Gotham City. In her vulnerable state, she tried everything… online dating, dating services, blind dates, dating old friends, dating co-workers, dating older men, and more. She shares her dating lessons learned and we watch her grow from jaded to brave, from dark to bright and sarcastically sassy to joyfully optimistic.

Single or married, man or woman…audiences can learn a thing or two about relationships, from appreciating what they have to discovering the areas where they can improve.  This is a healing, humorous, and heartfelt story.

This play can be booked for special events/groups or for extended theatrical bookings.  It’s a great play for singles groups and a great night out for divorce groups too. Approximate performance length is one hour. Please email or call MBS Productions at 440.655.7662 for more information.

Written and Performed by Melissa Barber
World-Premiere Cleveland Public Theater
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