Order Up!

Headline Musical Entertainment with a twist from Melissa BarberOrder Up!, Melissa Barber’s interactive concert is most definitely a crowd pleaser. Melissa’s goal is to perform every audience member’s favorite style of music. So, when the audience arrives they’re asked to fill out menu forms. Their orders are turned in and used throughout the concert. This is where the fun really begins.

From special dedications to becoming a costumed dancer on stage, the audience is engrossed from start to finish. Here’s what people are saying about Melissa Barber and Order Up!  

Enjoy a video peek of Order Up! now.

Order Up - Headline Musical Entertainment that gets your audience involved“Spectacular performance: Definitely an added treat to a weekend getaway or vacation.”

“Varied selection of music was pleasurable and kept hands clapping and feet tapping.”

“The concept is a really cool idea. The entire evening had a party atmosphere.”

“The show was non-stop energy! You pull off every style seamlessly!”

“It was more than a show – It was a party and you, the hostess, made it fun for everyone.”

The versatility of Melissa Barber shines in this format and is complimented by a seven-piece band, theatrical lighting, props, costumes and choreography to give this concert the Vegas show room edge! No two shows are ever alike because of Ms. Barber’s incredible knack for improvising and reacting to audience comments. The perfect entertainment for corporate events, cruise ships, lounges, dinner shows and private gatherings. And shows can be customized for your group’s needs.

If you want to please all of your guests, and provide customized entertainment, you need to book Melissa Barber in Order Up!

To place your “order” contact MBS Productions at 440.655.7662 or via email.

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